Our sponsors help us educate, entertain, & Enlighten

Southridge High School relies on Sponsors to help financially with the great undertaking that a musical production can be. As a business sponsor, your business name will be placed in the program to be seen by almost 2,000 people throughout the run of the show. 

Your contribution can help in many ways, here are just a few of our costs that we incur during the show.

  • Royalties – Licensing for a show usually is between $2,500 and $5,000
  • Costumes – Costuming our actors, depending on the cast size and period of time, can cost up to $5,000
  • Backdrops – Each backdrop we rent is $375 to $750
  • Posters – Printing cost is about $100 to $200
  • Music – Whether we use live musicians or pre-recorded music, the cost is usually around $1,500
  • Sets – Sets are about $500 to $1000 in material alone. 
  • Batteries – Batteries for microphones only last one production so the cost is about $150 to $200 
  • Lighting Rental – We have to rent some fixtures so that our students can be seen on stage which costs around $500
  • Many other odds and ends that all add up to a great production!
Your contribution at any level can really help us bring our best for our students and our community. We will happily provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.

Sponsorship Pledge Level:

Bronze - $25Silver - $50Gold - $100Platinum - $200Other

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